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Get your sweat on – your skin will thank you!

Regular exercise is beneficial for our heart, circulatory system and overall mobility.  Did you know that there are also substantial benefits for your skin?

Regular exercise keeps your skin healthy and vibrant.

When you move, your blood flow increases.  This improved circulation carries more oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells.  These nutrients increase your collagen production, decreasing wrinkles!  It also carries away many waste products, clearing free radicals.  Nutrients delivered to the skin during exercise help skin cells work more efficiently, so your skin looks younger.

Think of it as an internal face mask.

Working up a good sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial.  When the pores dilate, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil. Be sure to wash your face afterward!

Certain skin conditions can also improve with regular exercise.  Acne or eczema can worsen with an increase in stress levels.   Exercise eases cortisone levels that accompany heightened stress.  The sebaceous glands, which produce oil in the skin have been shown to be influenced by our stress hormones.

These and other conditions, including rosacea or psoriasis, may require extra care before exercising. It is best to not let this deter you from being active, as the benefits outlined above far outweigh the precautions.

Be Prepared.

One of the main dangers for your skin when exercising outside is exposure.  Be sure to cover up when possible and always apply sunscreen before going outside for an activity.  If possible,  avoid exercising outside during peak sun time, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.



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