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Oil of the month: Palmarosa

As the name suggests, March’s essential oil of the month is very similar to Rose oil. Like Rose, it boasts many natural skin benefits. Its high percentage of geraniol lends a floral scent that is very pleasing. Emotionally, Palmarosa Essential Oil soothes anxiety and can be comforting during times of grief, working through emotional wounds and diminishing anger.

Here are our favourite uses:

  1. Diffuse Palmarosa to fill any room with a pleasant and welcoming aroma. The luxurious floral fragrance, reminiscent of favourites like Geranium and Rose will leave behind uniquely sweet notes. 
  2. Add a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil to your regular cleanser or moisturizer. Not only will this leave you smelling bright and clean, but the oil itself can help balance moisture levels and leave your skin looking toned and healthy. 
  3. Add a few drops of Palmarosa essential oil to your bathwater to immerse yourself completely in a relaxing aromatic experience.
  4. A couple drops of Palmarosa with a carrier oil can give a soothing massage a whole new dimension. Let the bright floral scent engage your senses while working the tension from your muscles.
  5. Use with a reed diffuser or add a drop to an unscented candle to give any space an inviting, romantic atmosphere. 

If you’d like more information on how to best use Palmarosa or how to order, let me know!