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Reiki for Focus

Since September’s oil of the month is InTune, which promotes clarity and awareness, it only seems fitting to elaborate on Reiki and how it can also help with focus and clarity.

I’ve written about Reiki before on the blog and I will likely write about it a lot more! The benefits of a Reiki treatments are so vast and numerous. Today, the focus is, well, focus. More specifically, how Reiki can help you hone in on your focus.

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress and use relaxation to promote healing. Your practitioner will work with you to find and clear energy blocks that may be holding you back.

Meditation and Reiki together are the perfect recipe to help with focus and mental clarity. Meditation is a practice involving quieting the mind. An effective focus-driven meditation you can do at home is to sit quietly with your legs folded. Bring your hands together at your chest and bring your focus to the top of your middle finger. When your mind starts to wander, gently press the two middle fingers together and regroup, refocus.

Working with your Reiki practitioner, you will create an intention or question to answer. The Reiki practioner works with your body’s energy to finding any potential blocks keeping your intention or the answer to your question at bay. Addressing these blocks allows the energy to move freely throughout your body. This provides the clarity needed to address your previous concerns.

If you’d like more information on Reiki or Meditation please reach out! I’d love to chat with you about how infusing Reiki into your lifestyle can help you reach your goals and ambitions!