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September: The ‘New’, New Year

For many, January is a time of renewal and resolutions.  However, it is actually the worst time of year to try to initiate new habits and activities!  This is likely why more than 90% of New Year’s Resolutions fail within the first 4 weeks. As a result, many people have started treating September like the‘new’ New Year.  

September is considered a less stressful and more refreshing time of year.

September and January both typically follow times of indulgence. However, the changing of the seasons creates a noticeable difference as we cross over into September.  The rituals of putting away summer clothing, unpacking sweaters and boots and buying school supplies all lend to a more natural time for change.

Once the excitement of the holidays has ended, the winter blues often set in. Where as September is considered to be quite lovely. The lingering summer temperatures, longer daylight hours and scents of fall fresh in the air. The onset of familiar routines brings a certain ‘starting anew’ mindset. What better time to make changes in our lifestyle?

Here are a few things to consider trying out as you approach the ‘New’ New Year this fall:

Learn a New Skill

Career changes or promotions are  more common in the fall months as people get back into a regular routine and vacation schedules end.  This is a perfect time to work towards that new position or promotion. 

Expand your Network

Networking groups that may have been on hiatus forthesummermonthswillbeback in action, making it the perfect timetoattendan event or get-together you haven’t tried before.  The fall is also the time for conferences!  Sign up for a local conference or two and see who you can meet. ●

Set Better Boundaries

Maybe that summer pace where you were able to spend more time with family and friends doesn’t have to completely go by the way side.  Start putting smarter boundaries in place before heading back into your old habits. Reset everyone’s expectations while they’re in flux so that you can accelerate your career growth without having to sacrifice time with friends or family.

Get Organized

With the changing of seasons you’ll be digging through closets anyway, why not take some time to organize them while you’re at it?  

If your office or home office needs some TLC, stock up on a few office supplies while you’re picking them up for the kids!  

Start or Change your Exercise Routine

InJanuary,everyoneandtheirdogwillbejoining gyms, going to fitness classes and running on the track.  In September, while you’ll have University students to contend with in some local gyms, the newbies will still be at a minimum, making it an ideal time to start a new routine without extra intimidation.  Perhaps the change in weather and daylight will force a change in type of activity, making it the perfect time to find out what other options may be available.