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Service Profile: Calithea Skin Treatment

Your skin, your skin treatment!

With any skin treatment, the products vary to ensure you receive the best results possible. One thing that typically doesn’t change, however, is the process.

So, today on the blog, I am chatting about the process for one of my most requested services, the Calithea Skin Treatment!

1. Cleanse

Takes off excess makeup and rids the skin of any free radicals before the service begins.

2. Exfoliating cleanse

Includes a light exfoliate to prep the skin and ensure that products absorb effectively.

3. Pre treatment toner

Removes excess skin cells and pollutants without stripping the skin of the natural moisture it loves.

4. Exfoliate(physical and/or chemical)

Leaves your skin free of excess skin cells and any mineral build-ups that may clog the pores.

5. Extractions(blackhead removal)

Removes any blackheads or other blemishes that require extracting.

6. Serum

Helps to improve skin firmness and volume.

7. Face, shoulder, décolletage massage

While the serum absorbs, further relax with a gentle face, shoulder and décolletage massage.

8. Masque and hand/arm massage

Works to fight free-radical damage, de-stress, balance and nourish the skin. This gives the skin that healthy glow. While the masque works, enjoy a relaxing hand/arm massage.

9. Serum

Depending on your specific skin goals, a second, customized serum is applied.

10. Moisturizer, eye cream, lip gloss

Deeply hydrating moisturizer improves skin barrier function, promotes a clear complexion, and leaves your skin with a luminous glow.

To conclude the service, eye cream and lip gloss are applied, leaving you looking fresh and glowing!

If you’d like more information on a customized skin treatment or would like to check on appointment availability, drop me a line!