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What is Reiki and How Can it Help Me?

Reiki is a simple practice with a profound impact.

Reiki treatments boost energy levels.  Clients find this increased energy helps to manage everyday stress and support major life transitions. It is a practice that enables clients to connect with their spirituality.  Many have treatments to stay physically well and in harmony with themselves.

Reiki treatments work by clearing away negative energies. Clients leave feeling relaxed and clear-minded. Many feel more equipped to move into their most enlightened and productive version of themselves.

Here are some of the most noted benefits of Reiki Treatments:

Harmony & Balance: 

Reiki  enhances our natural healing ability and overall wellness. By restoring balance on all levels, it works directly on the problem and condition.

Stress & Tension Release:

Deep relaxation allows clients to be more aware of what is going on inside their body and mind.  This clarity helps to encourage wise decisions.   To be more present in their body and access their inner wisdom.

Promotes natural balance by dissolving energy blocks:

Regular treatments provide a calm and peaceful state of being.  Clients are then able to better cope with everyday stressors. Reiki is known to dissolve energy blocks associated with emotional wounds.  It can also alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration and even anger.

Natural Cleansing Ability:

Reiki helps to shift into self-healing mode.  Clients find they sleep better and digest better.  They can be active and productive without being stressed, exhausted or burned out.

Improve Focus:

Reiki promotes the ability to stay present in the moment.  This allows clients to react to situations, people and themselves in a supportive way.

Pain relieve and natural healing:

Clients experience better breathing, digesting and sleeping.  As a result, the body begins to function optimally.  Reiki is known to help relieve pain from migraine, arthritis and sciatica along with many other ailments.  It also helps with symptoms of asthma, chronic fatigue, menopausal symptoms, and insomnia.

If you’re interested in learning more about Reiki and how it can benefit you, contact us for a complimentary consultation or book your session today!